Yaz Mavish, a brilliant advocate for young people with autism.

In the radio studio with the show’s presenter Lorna Bailey.

Yaz is 14 and lives in Warwickshire with mum Jules McLean, brother Will. Yaz has autism and has been going through a rough situation over the last few years. She featured on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire yesterday morning, being interviewed on Lorna Bailey’s morning show in a feature on autism in the lives of two local families.

Yaz stole the show, giving an insight into her own experiences as well as an awareness of the impact of autism for and on others. She gently corrected a caller who twice used the phrase, “………..what’s wrong with you”, explaining she wouldn’t use the word ‘wrong’ but that she has a difference and is a unique individual.  She explained how she is going through a rough time in life but that doesn’t mean she is a bad person. She talked about being bullied and judged and how she has felt teachers have seen her as a naughty child. She misses her friends when she can’t attend school and talked about the emotional impact of this on her.

There was no soap box, no shouting, just an intelligent articulation of how life is for her and thousands of other young people like her with an autism spectrum condition. Yaz was a brilliant advocate for young people with autism and reduced adults in the studio to tears with her honest and insightful interview. Congratulations Yaz, you are a credit to your family.