Thoughts on Fitting In

Have You Ever Felt Like A Duck In A School Of Fish?

Have you ever felt like a duck in a school of fish? 
I have. I felt that way not long ago. 

Imagine how a duck would feel if he was taken out of his pond and placed in an ocean filled with fish who know the ocean like the back of their hands, or fins! And then told that if they don’t get from one part of the ocean to another part of the ocean in 5 minutes, that they will undoubtedly get punished.

And you’ve never ever seen all the fish; there was only 50 fish in your pond and now there’s 10,000 and you have no idea what to do. Eventually, you will meet other ducks and fish you know from your old pond, and the swans will help you and you even befriend the sharks – the same sharks that made life so difficult – now it’s all okay.

I believe we were all ducks at one point but we never became fish, we became ducks that act like fish.

Ethan John Barker         7 Yellow                   February 2019