Social Entrepreneurs

Inaugural meeting of Lynne Entrepreneurs’ Group at Hill Top Farm in February.

Entrust Care Partnership is a not for profit Social Enterprise and Company Limited by Guarantee which began offering services for disabled children, young people, and families in 2014. As a Director I work from home pretty much all the time and, although it has great benefits, it can also be lonely with no colleagues to ‘bounce ideas off’ and share triumphs, trivia or traumas.
I knew there were others who felt the same hence I started our local Social Entrepreneurs Group which provides an informal opportunity to engage with like-minded people for mutual support, sharing of ideas or top tips and creating potential partnerships.
We are all striving to make a positive difference for society. We are all busy people so we only meet four times a year, for about one and a half hours.
Discussion topics of interest include, organisational structure, social impacts and corporate sponsorship. Please do get in touch with me if you think you and/or your Social Enterprise might benefit.

Lynne Barton     0771232673