Parent SEND Support Forum

  The Leamington North Cluster Forum met for the first time on Friday at Lillington Primary School. Thank you Michelle for all the hard work in getting this event off the ground. The workshop was led by George and Jo and focused on transition between primary and secondary school. Families of youngsters from Y5 – Y7  got together to share their experiences as well as air any questions or concerns.

Feedback was very positive:

“What a relief it was to talk to parents all experiencing similar stories and to know you are not alone. “

“……..a number of parents of girls with Autism so ….. particularly pleased to be able to talk to each other, having mostly encountered parents of boys with Autism before. 

“How great Jo and George were, I think parents will find this really beneficial.”

Look out for the date of next term’s workshop and get in touch via the Contact Us page if you would like to be involved in setting up a Transition Workshop in your locality.