COVID-secure Practice Update 06/10/20

Thank you for welcoming us back into school again this term, we have very much missed contact with you and your pupils and are glad to be out and about again and not so attached to our screens.  

Being aware of the risks posed from our movement, not only between bubbles but between schools also, we are very conscious of our responsibility to maintain COVID-secure practices to minimise any risk of transmission of the virus. This term, we have found the following practices very helpful in our endeavours: 

  • Updated information about school COVID-secure plans, in advance of our visit. 
  • Preparation for the visit to minimise the materials we bring into school with us.
  • Signage on arrival, with instructions for visitors. 
  • Signage showing one-way routes around school. 

The single most helpful practice we would ask you to remind your staff about is our adherence to the 2m distancing rule with all adults.