COVID-secure Practice information 02/10/20


SEND Supported Consultants will take account of the latest government guidance:

Schools should ensure that appropriate support is made available for pupils with SEND, for example by deploying teaching assistants and enabling specialist staff from both within and outside the school to work with pupils in different classes or year groups. Supply staff and other temporary workers can move between schools.

We will endeavour to adhere to school COVID-secure practices, prioritising:

  • minimising contact
  • maintaining 2 metre distancing with adults
  • avoiding close face to face contact
  • not sharing resources

In addition, to maintain your safety and our own:

Responsibilities of SEND Supported

  • Revert to online working in the case of a school closure.
  • Revert to online working should a SEND Supported consultant need to self-isolate.
  • Consultants will not use any tests which do not comply with social distancing guidance.
  • Assessment resources will be single use and where this is not possible, will be placed inside wipe-clean plastic wallets which will be left unused for a minimum of 72 hours. Other materials will be placed behind an acrylic screen which will be meticulously cleaned prior to working with a pupil.
  • Consultants will endeavour to maintain 2 metre distancing with all adults.
  • During assessments, Consultants will minimise time spent within 1 metre of anyone.

Responsibilities of the school

  • New parents will have read and signed the latest version of the SEND Supported Privacy Notice and Consent Letter, which includes information about our COVID-secure practice, prior to Consultants working with a pupil.
  • Parents will be made aware that a SEND Supported consultant will be working with their child (children should not be told in advance of classroom observations but may need to be prepared for 1:1 assessment).
  • To minimise the quantity of assessment materials brought into school, schools will complete background information as requested by their Consultant, prior to the visit.
  • School staff will accompany or direct pupils to the assessment room, in order to minimise Consultant contact and mixing.
  • Pupils will bring their own pens and pencils to the assessment session, and a school laptop will be provided if needed.
  • Sanitiser will be available for Consultants and pupils to use prior to, and after working.
  • Schools will provide a room which allows for 2m social distancing and which is well ventilated; it should be possible to open an outside window and leave a door open.
  • Meetings with parents and staff will be held remotely where possible.

Full details can be found in the SEND Supported COVID-Secure Assessment Policy September 2020 If you have any questions, refer to your SEND Supported Consultant or email .