Another week gone in a flash

Another week has gone by in a flash and now all of a sudden it’s autumn. This week we have been out and about making new partnerships and developing our projects. Lucy and Clair joined Alcester Academy for their Open Evening on Tuesday night, on Wednesday night  Leonie joined Kenilworth’s Autism One on One group with Helen Harban (get well soon Vikie) and on Thursday Lucy and Leonie joined the independent schools cluster meeting, hosted at The Croft in Stratford, to talk about the services we offer.

Some time was spent at team meeting this afternoon trying to come up with a Children in Need fundraising idea which does not involve a bath of baked beans. We have decided to organise a couple of cake decorating events which will be held on Friday 17th November. Do get in touch if you will be able to donate a tray of plain cupcakes for this event – all proceeds going to Children in Need.



This month, Sir Tim Brighouse puts a welcome spotlight on children’s mental wellbeing, in his TES article: We need to respond to children’s distress signals; and asks, “What do we do about it?” Using the analogy of children ‘falling over the edge’ he urges all to consider a two-pronged approach – “providing ambulances” for casualties at the bottom of the cliff while also, “building fences” at the top to prevent children from falling. Both these strategies need ongoing investment so that we can promote all round progress for our learners. Let’s not lose sight of how fundamental is mental wellbeing to learners’ good progress in school.

Read about Children in distress here.                                             Sir Tim Brighouse